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My name is Kait & I am really passionate about life.

Full-time mom, wife, vintage turquoise collector, skier, and photographer. Prone to roam and always on the go, my little family and I are here to soak up every bit of good this world has to offer us. From Bob Wills to Georgia O’Keefe, the Caprocks and Canyons, I am a lover of all things West Texas. Summers are spent soaking up the glory of the wild flowers that surround my quaint Creek House in the Texas Panhandle, and winters you can find us in the mountains, spending our days skiing and laughing with our friends. I am married to the dreamiest man who loves me so well, keeps us entertained with his guitar, warm with his snuggles, and laughing with his bad dad jokes. Together we are raising the most heaven sent boy in the entire world. Townes came into this world fast and unexpected, rocking my world, and changing it all. I have no doubt how much God and the world favor me by giving me this ray of sunshine to raise. To live a live filled with joy and connection is my goal for myself, and sharing it brings such satisfaction. 

The seed for Three Feather Photo Co. was planted in a small yellow house on the Caprock of West Texas. My Granny Fern, the First Feather, and I spent countless hours looking at pictures from days gone by. I was amazed by the deep eyes and dark hair, the small children dressed in rags, the young couple in love who had just run away to Mexico to get married. Granny told me of each person, shared stories that were told to her 80 years ago, taking us both back in time to a world long past.  Through my Granny’s storytelling, I was transported to the great depression in the fields of Oklahoma, and traveling the country with an air stream diner. These photos were a link to the past, each kept a story and a memory alive.

How Three Feather Photo Co came about. 



Topo Chico and lime



Braving the Wilderness


Townes Van Zandt Radio

I    just can't wait to meet you

I fell so in love with the tangible photos and the stories that were only fleeting, and promised that sweet old woman that I’d continue to tell the story of the world through my eyes. So here I am, documenting life and telling the stories.

Granny called me her little feather as a child, because I was always floating somewhere different. In her last few years of life she moved in with my mom and I, the three of us, one unit. On a back road in Childress county one evening, while watching the sunset, she looked over at us, let out her rich laugh, and said:
look at us, the three feather girls, drifting through this world, being blessed by God the sun and each other

...and that was the day I knew Three Feather Photo Co. would continue to tell the stories of those around me.




New Shoes






Vintage Boots


Almost ten years ago, a mutual friend told each of us how they had the perfect person for the other, and they invited us both to an American Aquarium concert.  We were both in a very free spirited stage of life,  and never passed the friend zone.  When we reconnected in 2020, it wasn't long before I comfortably fell madly in love with this long haired, guitar playing, mountain climbing, dream boat of a man.  It was fast fall, but felt like the safest place I've ever been.  I call him my Honey Do Heath, because he hardly tells me no to any project.  We have big dreams and lots of adventures on the horizon, and I can confidently say that his soul was made for mine. 

The sweetest love story is your own 

A few of my favorite things


Western Swing and Fiddle Strings


Sweet Baby Townes

My girl Magnolia



Lets make MAGIC together


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